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Six Reasons Why The Reading Ranch Can Help Your Child’s Literacy Skills

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New report explains the confusing numbers and letters teachers use to explain your child’s reading level.

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Reading Practice – Zone of Proximal Development

Kids need more reading practice, I don’t think anyone would argue that fact. But, reading practice doesn’t just help struggling readers get on track for success; it helps all students! We would like to think that just sending our kids to school each day would be all that is needed to help them grow and excel in their reading…

Covid, Our Schools, and Teaching Reading

While hard data regarding the effects of the nationwide shutdown of schools is sparse.  There is plenty of anecdotal data that shows the Wuhan Virus shutdown has been devastating to many students and particularly to early elementary students learning basic reading and math.  Thousands of our students aren’t learning to read, and the patchwork of instructional programs, limited resources and frequent change from hybrid to virtual schooling surely is contributing to the problem.

Reading Engagement

This week, I continue my thoughts and research on the “mantra” of getting your kids to read more, not just for school but for the pure enjoyment and benefits they will accrue. At The Reading Ranch our motto is “We make reading FUN, we want our students to have fun and learn to love reading.

Reading Time – 15 minutes!

In my last post, I wrote about how the 5th-6th grade are key times when students start to read text that is well below their reading levels, and these times can be critical to the academic future of a student in the 5th-6th grade.

Sixth Grade Struggling Readers

As noted previously early elementary reading performance has a key role in high school graduation rates. Middle school reading performance is even more critical to graduation rates. A study by Balfanz and Herzog (2007) of almost 13,000 students found that only 12% of students who failed an English course in sixth grade graduated from high school, and the other 6% graduated late. 82% did not graduate!…

Third Grade Struggling Readers

The third grade is a critical time in a child’s academic and literacy development. In the following article, I will share with you some startling facts based on sound research that shows how reading levels in the third grade can help predict future academic success and results.

Super Simple Ways to Keep Your Child Reading over the Holidays

Learning and especially reading shouldn’t stop just because the kids are on holiday break. I think everyone is looking forward to saying “so long” to 2020, but we can still keep the kids reading. Keep the mood fun and simple and your kids will love it…

Dr. Kim’s tip -6 Minutes To Great Readers

We certainly wouldn’t want to try and run a marathon without training, neither should expect our children to become great readers without practice! The following statistics show the importance of reading practice and how it is essential to transform struggling readers into successful readers…

How Are Reading Ranch Teachers Trained?

So you’ve made the decision to work with a private tutor so that your child has the advantage of year-round literacy support, but how do you know which teacher or learning center is the best fit? While there are plenty of options to choose from, your search starts and ends with The Reading Ranch®.

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