A Partnership With Parents, A Focus On Literacy

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Southwell can relate. She struggled with her reading and attention problems, which led to poor self-confidence in the classroom. But in those days, teachers didn’t know how to help students with reading problems. It wasn’t until her mother began taking her to after-school reading tutoring a few days a week that Kim started showing progress.

Those successes and experiences helped her create the kid-friendly, western-setting Reading Ranch. Since 2006, The Reading Ranch has offered a phonetically-based program in reading, writing, and spelling enrichment. The multi-sensory teaching approach meets individual needs, giving students a strong foundation in reading, writing, and spelling while ‘filling the gap’ for children who need literacy support.

The program has become so popular that Dr. Southwell decided to offer franchising. By partnering with other like-minded educators, the benefits of The Reading Ranch services can serve more children while providing a great business opportunity for people who wish to own their own business and help children.

It’s all to give children early mastery of skills they will need forever.

“If you cannot read well, school can be difficult. And it was for me,” said Southwell, who is offering parents free sample sessions and assessments. “I’ve always been able to relate to a kid’s frustrations with reading and writing. I am obsessed with the process of reading and writing and how to help children. It’s my only talent, and I love it!”

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