Eight Reasons Why Students Need to Master Critical Thinking Skills

The Reading Ranch® Tutorial Center announced recently that we are expanding our literacy program to include fifth and sixth graders. We are excited to make this transition, as the new approach will allow us to work with these kiddos through the end of elementary school – instead of just up to fourth grade – so they are better prepared for the road ahead.

In that announcement, which included a breakdown of the various age-group classes and skills that will be covered, you may have noticed we are placing a ton of emphasis on critical thinking skills for the older children. Critical thinking goes beyond simply reading a book or being able to memorize or recall information and facts. It is a person’s ability to analyze, evaluate, and formulate their own opinion in ways that help them solve problems.

For school-aged children, it is imperative that these critical thinking skills be honed as early as possible. Why? For starters, we use critical thinking skills every day, and for children, having that skillset helps them make better decisions, solve problems, follow through on goals, and better understand the world around them.

At The Reading Ranch, our critical thinking courses focus on analysis and reasoning, direct and indirect questions, word study, connotations, thesis and arguments, and more.

Here are 8 reasons why students need to master critical thinking skills:

  1. They’ll have more control over their learning
  2. It allows the student to become more independent and self-directed
  3. They’ll have the courage to try new things
  4. They can readily accept different points of view and formulate their own opinions
  5. Critical thinking skills translate into other areas of academics, creating balanced achievement
  6. Allows a child to assess their strengths and weaknesses
  7. Promotes better decision-making and spurs creativity
  8. Enhances their ability to work with other people in a team setting

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Reading Ranch® Tutorial Center, your child’s home for laser-focused literacy support, offers phonetically-based programs for reading, writing, and spelling enrichment for children in Pre-K through sixth grade. Dr. Kim Southwell started The Reading Ranch Tutorial Center in 2006 under the guiding principle that the ability to read, write, and comprehend creates the basis for all education and career success. Our multi-sensory teaching approach meets individual needs, giving students a strong foundation in reading, writing, and spelling while “filling the gaps” for children who need literacy support.

Below is a breakdown of our new course lineup:

5th-6th Grade

Critical Thinking: Analysis & Reasoning, Direct & Indirect Questions, Word Study, Connotations, Thesis & Arguments

Description: This 50-minute class provides an in-depth approach to mastering comprehension, exploring analysis, reflection, argument, and reasoned decision making using a logic-based approach. Students will also be able to broaden vocabulary with word study, connotations, and analysis of topic sentences. This is an excellent combination to package with our writing lab courses.

2nd-6th Grade

Writing Lab & Written Expression, Sentence Structure, Paragraphs, Essay Writing Vocabulary, Spelling & Grammar

Description: This 50-minute course helps students explore a variety of writing topics through interactive writing (with a writing coach) while building paragraphs to emerging essays with enhanced vocabulary and descriptive details. Spelling rules, punctuation, grammar usage, and legibility is included in our writing program.

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