Literacy Lenses

Is my child struggling in reading and writing?  What you can do to help at home.


Are you concerned your child is having problems with reading or writing?  If so, speak with the teacher who will be able to tell you if your child is indeed falling behind.  An ongoing teacher assessment will give you an idea of your child’s reading level and what is expected at that stage.

Teachers may provide you with extra activities that you can instil at home to support your child’s reading, writing and/or spelling concerns.  Rarely will additional support confuse a child in the process of learning to read.  Some children simply need a boost using additional literacy resources to support their emerging reading and writing skills.

The most important thing a parent can do to encourage their child’s reading is to help them find books that are appropriate reading levels and interest content which will motivate their child to enjoy reading. Making use of the local library can help here. Reading aloud can also help children enjoy stories they might struggle to read themselves.

As your child gains independence in reading and writing a parent can give necessary support, while allowing their child to achieve their literacy goals.

The Gift to Read is the Gift of a Lifetime…

By Kim Southwell, PhD – Reading Ranch Tutorial Centers

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