The Importance of Consistency in Literacy Development

“Just keep going. Everybody gets better if they keep at it.”
― Ted Williams

I’ve never been a massive fan of working out, but I do know that with any training program, consistency is key. Think about it: if you start a workout routine at the gym for a couple of weeks but then take a few months off before starting up again, out of sheer guilt, you’ll never see the results you were hoping for. Persistence and consistency will always prevail!

Not to mention, all the starting and stopping leaves you sore and miserable. And who wants that? Persistence and consistency will always prevail!

I share this with you because as parents today we must recognize the importance of consistency as it relates to the impact it has on our child’s literacy development. We live in an instant gratification world, but nothing worthwhile comes instantly and we all know that!

Just like no two people experience the same results at the gym, students learn at different rates and with different modalities and should have their own recommended learning program. Once that plan is put into place, it is critical that we make sure our child attends consistently to see results.

As parents, we need to prioritize our child’s time and efforts to focus on what is most important for the child and our family, then make those items the priority and execute the plan!

We must make sure to stress the importance of reading and writing, also be role models. Make sure our kids see us reading books, writing journals, or articles for your job. They won’t tell you, and you might think they don’t notice, but seeing you “walking the talk”, will be a powerful influence.

Enrichment Vs. Intervention – What’s the difference?

I get asked frequently by parents “how many days should my child attend, what is the difference between Enrichment and Intervention?”

Where does your child fall on the literacy spectrum? After we evaluate your child’s abilities, we will group him or her into either our enrichment courses or intervention programs. Here’s the difference between the two:

Enrichment: 1 day per week
Attending a one-session per week program is designed for children who are performing at-level but still need guidance to maintain those literacy skills and keep them sharp. If this is your program choice, please know that progress will be slower, but still very much attainable.

Intervention: 2-3 days per week for 1-2 semesters
Intervention is a more detailed program and is specifically designed for children who are not performing at-level for their age or grade, or who would like accelerate their child’s learning. Intervention requires time, dedication, and repetition to experience sustained growth. Intervention is best utilized when the family reinforces the skills taught by a Reading Ranch tutor through at-home practice.

Teaching your child to read, write, comprehend, or any skill requires consistent and persistent effort. These are the keys to success. Children who struggle with reading and writing skills have difficulty understanding words, phrases, and context. They also view reading and writing as a chore instead of something that’s fun. Don’t let this happen!

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