The Reading Ranch Method

An Authentic, Research-Based & Multi-sensory Teaching Approach for Struggling Readers.

The Reading Ranch Method(RRM™) uses live instruction in small group sessions of 1-3 students to enable the critical interactive process between the student and teacher. Scientific research shows interaction is the most effective way to learn and remember new information.

RRM™ is a phonetic-based reading and writing program that systematically develops phonological and phonemic awareness. Our systematic instruction enables students to connect letters, words, and sounds, laying a solid foundation for literacy. Literacy skills are essential for a student’s entire educational career. The lack of a strong foundation in literacy contributes to reading difficulties, writing problems, and many communication issues in later years.

Phonological Awareness

Phonological awareness refers to the early recognition of sounds in larger, more concrete linguistic structures such as words, syllables, and times.

People develop phonological awareness from the language they are learning and  speaking, including instruction in school—such as mainstream English— and other languages are spoken at home and in their communities.

Below are a few examples of phonological awareness:
  • Recognition of individual words in a sentence (How many words are in this sentence?)
  • Recognition and identification of rhyming words
  • Recognition of the parts of a word—or syllables—by counting them, taking them apart, and putting them together
  • The ability to manipulate onset and rhyme—producing rhymes

Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic awareness is a subset of phonological awareness. It can isolate, blend, and segment the sound units called phonemes.

  • Phonemic awareness includes the ability to:
  • Identify and produce phonemes
  • Blend phonemes
  • Segment phonemes
  • Isolate phonemes
  • Manipulate phonemes

Phonics and Learning

RRM™ teaches reading naturally for how our brains process information, building reading skills from the ground up using proven phonics techniques.

Multisensory Learning

Another key to RRM™ is using all the learning modalities in every lesson. Modalities are different ways that people learn. We all have different combinations of modalities that work best for us. VARC (visual, auditory, reading, and kinesthetic/tactile) is the acronym used to describe all the modalities. We provide instruction in each of the four modalities so that each student can find their own reading ‘sweet spot.’

Interactive Learning

We use a multisensory approach to reading instruction that employs highly interactive lessons to create a welcoming learning environment and makes it easy for children to learn. Children learn best in an environment where they feel comfortable and express themselves.

RRM™ does not use worksheets or “drill and kill” exercises. These methods have been proven ineffective in teaching reading and often result in students feeling frustrated, discouraged, and hopeless.

Building Reading Fluency

Reading fluency is the ability to read with speed, accuracy, and proper expression. RRM™ uses Literature-based instruction to build fluency. Literature-based education uses real books and stories that students read aloud. Students practice reading these texts with a purpose and in different contexts. Reading literature helps build fluency as well as ignites comprehension skills.

At The Reading Ranch®, we believe that reading should be fun. Our interactive learning environment provides students with the opportunity to read interesting stories and articles from a variety of genres, including classics, non-fiction, biographies, and more.

Continual Assessments Throughout the Program

Assessment is an integral part of our reading program and helps us identify any areas of difficulty students may be experiencing.

RRM™ employs a continuous assessment approach to reading instruction. Students are assessed pre/mid-point and post the program to measure their reading growth. Frequent assessments allow us to individualize instruction for each student as needed to make sure the student is progressing and mastering concepts throughout the program.

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