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Six Reasons Why The Reading Ranch Can Help Your Child’s Literacy Skills

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Reading Ranch Virtual Learning

The Reading Ranch

Virtual Literacy Program

Our VLP™ provides LIVE instruction in phonemic awareness and phonics.

Our phonetically based interactive programs for reading, writing, comprehension, spelling, and critical analysis (CARS) for children PK-6th grade render results using research-based methods and practices.

Our teachers are certified in the Reading Ranch scope & sequence methodology, provide personalized instruction, and respond to students’ needs in real-time.

The Reading Ranch VLP™ is a month to month commitment, we don’t do contracts!

Parents feel confident knowing their children are receiving quality instruction, from the comfort of their homes. Most online tutoring companies offer 25-minute sessions. The Reading Ranch (VLP™) is comprised of 50-minute sessions to maximize your child’s academic success.

Our VLP™ program is also beneficial for ELL/ESL students.  We offer a variety of programs to boost confidence and academic growth through intervention and enrichment.  All of this in a virtual lesson taught LIVE by one of our Reading Ranch instructors!

  • Live lessons
  • 1-2 students only  per teacher
  • PreK – 6th grade
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Comprehension
  • Critical Analysis
  • Spelling
  • From the comfort of home!
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PreK 3-4 Year Olds

25 min Class – Early Reading Phonics, Shared Reading, Letters/ Sounds, Rhyme Time, Build Words

1st Grade

Multisensory Language I:
Phonics, Spelling & Guided Reading
(beneficial if dyslexic tendencies)

2nd or 3rd Grade

Reading Intervention
Phonics, Spelling, Fluency & Vocab
(beneficial if dyslexic tendencies)

3rd – 6th Grade

Inferencing, Vocabulary,
Recall & Analysis, Phonics & Spelling

Book Club

Invitation Only
4th – 6th Grade
More Info

Kindergarten – 25 min Class

Language Enrichment
Phonics, Letters/Sounds
Wordplay, Guided Reading

PreK – 1st Grade

Writing Lab
Guided Writing, Vocabulary
Handwriting & Emergent Grammar

2nd – 6th Grade

Writing Lab/Written Expression
Sentence, Paragraph, Essay Writing
Vocabulary, Spelling & Grammar

3rd – 6th Grade

Spelling Intervention & Vocabulary
Enhancement, Grammar & Editing
(beneficial if dyslexic tendencies)

CARs – 4th – 6th

Critical Thinking: Analysis & Reasoning
Direct/Indirect Questions, Word Study,
Connotations  & Thesis/Arguments

Monthly Tuition Reading

Phonics, Spelling, Fluency
&/or Comprehension

25 min PreK Virtual Class – $100

PreK-6th Grade – 50 min.
1 class/week – $190
2 classes/week – $355
3 classes/week – $515

Writing Lab

1 class/week – $180
2 classes/week – $355

Package Pricing

Reading & Writing Lab, Phonics, Spelling, Fluency, or Comprehension

Enrollment Fee $35
Sibling Monthly Discount 5%
Teacher Discounts

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Course Descriptions

Early Reading: Phonics, Language & Early Guided Reading
(PreK3-4 years/50 min class) Learn oral language, print awareness, build on letter recognition, letter stroke, phonological awareness, alphabetic principle, rhyme time & word play. Advanced concepts will include blending sounds to form words, vowels and consonants, high-frequency word recognition. Daily guided reading and oral language with comprehension through shared reading.

Multi-Sensory Language Enrichment K: Phonics, Word Play & Early Guided Reading
(Kindergarten/50 min class) Learn oral language, print awareness, letter recognition, letter stroke, phonological awareness, alphabetic principle, high-frequency word recognition and early guided reading.

Multi-Sensory Language Enrichment I: Phonics, Spelling & Guided Reading
(1st grader/50 min class) Learn phonetic rules, letter stroke, decode words, spelling program which encompass the structure of the English language including sound/symbol relationships and prefix/suffixes. Guided reading, vocabulary enrichment and early fluency building with comprehension. *(beneficial to students with dyslexic tendencies).

Intervention Reading/Fluency Program 
(2nd grade/50 min class) Learn advanced phonetic rules, letter stroke, decode words, spelling program which encompass the structure of the English language including sound/symbol relationships, prefix/suffix and syllable rules. Guided reading, vocabulary enrichment and fluency building with comprehension. *(beneficial to students with dyslexic tendencies).

Reading Comprehension
(2nd – 6th grade/50 min class) Using passages, learn to summarize and synthesize as you read. Using critical thinking methods, review story development, prologue, character analysis, sequence, problem or irony in story, identifying piqué/turning points, vocabulary enhancement, authors purpose, tone, intent and story closure. Q & A test prep is included.

Spelling Intervention & Vocabulary Enhancement
(3rd- 6th grade/50 min class) Learn spelling while demonstrating a love of words! Created for fluent readers, but weak spellers that need to learn why a word is spelled the way it is. Sequential spelling lessons using explicit spelling instruction paired with phonology, sound production and sentence dictation.  Grammar & Editing lessons with improving vocabulary, word usage and alphabetizing lessons.

Writing Lab: Handwriting, Guided Writing & Grammar
(PreK – 1st grade/50 min class) Our early handwriting program includes improving handwriting strokes and legibility with stroke formation using Manuscript. Guided Writing topics based from storybook literature reflections. Sentence development is encouraged while building emergent paragraphs & introduction to grammar.

Writing Lab: Written Expression
(2nd – 6th grade/50 min class)  Explore a variety of writing topics through interactive writing (with a writing coach) while building paragraphs to emerging essays with enhanced vocabulary and descriptive details. Spelling rules, punctuation, grammar usage and legibility is included in our writing program.

Critical Thinking: Analysis & Reasoning

(5th-6th grade/50 min class) An in-depth approach to mastering comprehension, exploring analysis, reflection, argument and reasoned decision making using a logic-based approach. Broaden vocabulary with word study, connotations and analysis of topic sentences. Excellent combination to package with writing lab!

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