Why Laser-Focus Tutorials Lead To Literacy Success

It occurred to me recently how rare our focus is here at The Reading Ranch®. Sure, we are like any tutoring center in that we take pride in improving a child’s skills in the classroom and life. But while other centers are providing curriculum for all subjects at all grade levels, we are focused ONLY on early literacy for young students between Pre-K and fourth grade.
That makes The Reading Ranch your only choice for laser-focused literacy support. And why is that important? Well, it’s a proven fact the ability to read, write, and comprehend creates the basis of all education and even career success.

What is literacy?

Literacy is more than just the ability to read and write. It is the cornerstone of all learning. Our expansive approach covers a number of interwoven skills, including reading, phonics, fluency, spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension. The multi-sensory programs we use are exclusive to The Reading Ranch and include:

  • A small, interactive learning environment with classes of only 2 to 3 students per teacher
  • Phonetic-based teaching methods
  • Fluency developed through literature-based instruction

What we are not is a drill and kill or busy worksheet-based program. Our staff is extremely hands-on and focused on creating dynamic sessions where every child is eager to be engaged and part of the learning process. We focus on everything from shared reading time to oral language, print awareness, letter recognition, rhyme time, wordplay, and advanced concepts like blending sounds to form words, vowels and consonants, and high-frequency word recognition.

Bottom line: the goal of every teacher in our program is to make reading and writing fun. That’s what it’s supposed to be!


Call The Reading Ranch Today!

The Reading Ranch offers multiple summer reading and writing enrichment programs designed to fill the gap between the summer and the next school year. This summer, we are getting away from afternoon-only programs to offer both morning and afternoon sessions. This will allow us to provide better quality, a structured setting, and individualized attention.

For more information on any of our six convenient locations, or if you have interest in franchising opportunities with The Reading Ranch, visit www.franchisereadingranch.com or call (972) 984-2348.

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